2009-07-28 02:26:43 by GodamnDawg

Yeah uhm...I never update here, huh? I'm thinking of picking back up on working on an animation. I'm not in school anymore cuz I'm a loser, finished one semester, then never went back. I'm working my ass off at a job I hate 24/7 and getting nowhere. So yeah. My splendid life. Not that it matters.

Hopefully I get my mojo back, yaknow?



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2009-08-25 22:54:38

OMG your new game...WTF AM I SUPPOSED TO DO!?


2010-06-21 14:20:31

holy crap, i never knew you had an NG account! o.=.o you can proly already guess who this is just by my name XD im the one coloring your picture. anyway, ill be submitting flashes soon, most on fa only though. not posting anything till i get good XD you take care now. ^.=.^