2008-09-25 05:02:56 by GodamnDawg

...none...probably. For a while. School and work has me busy nearly 24/7 and on the chance I do get a day off I sleep and relax rather than make animations. So...my account will be a bit quiet as it has been.



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2008-10-24 23:25:09

Aww thats sad your a great artist!

GodamnDawg responds:

Aw well thank you. I'm trying to work on another short. Getting it done little by little.


2008-10-29 12:15:20

Shame on thee! Hurting your tablet pen like that.
Crazy americans.

GodamnDawg responds:

(SUCH a delayed comment) I put a bandaid on my tablet pen if that makes you feel better (:


2008-12-01 12:18:18

How it will call?


2009-01-15 10:55:40

good luck with school! .. I remember posting a comment a while ago on Meet the Moon, which, I liked much; I look forward to your further submissions ... and work on those transitions like you replied :-) my suggestion is to watch Hitchcock, whether or not you like black and white or old suspense movies.

GodamnDawg responds:

(DELAAAAAYED COMMENT) I actually love Hitchcock movies, haha. And yeah, most def. Kind'a got bored with the animation I was working on but...maybe something will pick up. *Trying*