Still Dickin' Around...

2012-07-03 04:47:59 by GodamnDawg

Hoo...well. Still no progress on any personal animation projects. I've been trying to redo Meet The Moon little-by-little as my skills have vastly improved since I made it (and I'd like to better it if I can).

However, my job and my art commission work have taken over my life. Maybe some day I'll catch a break and can work on personal stuff again. Maybe when I win the lottery. But...I'm still alive...?

Yay for that.

Ho'whoa Update!

2010-12-21 01:35:07 by GodamnDawg

Not that anyone on here cares, but I'm not working at my hated job anymore. I'm working at a photo lab now! It's alright work, but it's tough. I barely have time to work on anything. I'll update on this site some time in the future.


2009-07-28 02:26:43 by GodamnDawg

Yeah uhm...I never update here, huh? I'm thinking of picking back up on working on an animation. I'm not in school anymore cuz I'm a loser, finished one semester, then never went back. I'm working my ass off at a job I hate 24/7 and getting nowhere. So yeah. My splendid life. Not that it matters.

Hopefully I get my mojo back, yaknow?



2008-09-25 05:02:56 by GodamnDawg

...none...probably. For a while. School and work has me busy nearly 24/7 and on the chance I do get a day off I sleep and relax rather than make animations. account will be a bit quiet as it has been.



2008-06-24 20:28:52 by GodamnDawg

I am...uh...gonna work on some stuff now. I hope I get some stuff done. Know what I mean?